How to take Care of Your Golf Shoes

Taking care of your golf shoe is critical as good care could definitely extend the life of your golf shoe. Here are some tips for taking care of the golf shoe:

Cleaning the Golf Shoes

Golf shoes can catch pesticides, sand, mud, and other particles from the course. Hence, you must clean your golf shoes as soon as possible after the round. First wipe down the exterior with warm water and soap. Remove all grass and dirt from the outsole and if required, unscrew the spikes for cleaning the trapped clumps. If the shoes have soaked water, place newspapers in them to facilitate absorption of the excess moisture. When the shoes are clean, let them air dry at room temperature. Do not use external heat source or sunlight for drying the shoes.

Storing the Golf Shoes

You must have cedar shoe trees and a golf shoe bag for storing your golf shoes. Cedar shoe trees facilitate absorption of excess moisture and sweat and maintenance of the shoe’s shape. Moreover, a golf shoe bag ensures the safety of the shoes during transport and between rounds. Select a bag that has a ventilated design so that bacteria buildup and moisture could be prevented.

Replacing Spikes of Your Golf Shoes

After each round, check the condition of the spikes of your golf shoes. Though, the modern plastic spikes offer exceptional comfort and traction but still they would ultimately start wearing down. This could be easily fixed if your shoes come with replaceable spike. All you have to do is get the replacement spikes and put them on. It is always good to read kids golf shoes buyer’s guide by visit this page before going to purchase golf shoes for your junior golfers.

Cleaning Mesh Golf Shoes

Mesh golf shoes offer cool, breezy comfort in hot weather. Cleaning them can however; be a little complicated. Mesh golf shoes could either be hand washed or washed using a washing machine. If you are washing them by hand, use a soft brush or a cloth and scrub the mesh with soap and warm water for removing dirt. Using a damp cold cloth, soak up any soapy residue and let the shoes air-dry at room temperature. On the other hand, if you are washing them using the machine, remove the inner sole and the shoelaces and wipe the mesh fabric using a cloth soaked in soap and warm water. Tough stains can be removed by scrubbing them using a soft-bristled brush and laundry detergent. When putting in the machine, place them in a washing bag and set the machine on a delicate or gentle cycle.

Apart from these tips, you must never leave your shoes in the car as they would be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, try having at least two pairs of golf shoes and use them alternately for each round. This could considerably enhance the life of the shoes.